We started as one advisor in one office. Through organic growth, Visionary Horizons umbrella now includes Visionary Horizons Wealth Management, Harvest Investment Management Group, and other offices in 3 states.

As fiduciaries, our primary goal at Visionary Horizons is two-fold: to help you gain clarity around your financial goals and to help you execute a plan to achieve them.

In that respect, we’re mapmakers and financial problem-solvers.

Do you want to open your first retirement account and you’re not sure where to start? Our team of seasoned advisors can explain the pros and cons of different plans and types of investments. Do you want to implement an audacious wealth management or investment strategy? Tell us what you have in mind, and we can point out the pitfalls and make the path easier to walk.

You may own a profitable small business. You may have worked for the same company your entire career. Regardless, your unique journey calls for a one-of-a-kind map. You tell us what you value and where you want to go, what matters to you, and we’ll start walking alongside you.

No question is too small or too complex. Together, we’ll take the tough decisions and windfalls in stride. We can discuss ways to grow your business and ways to protect your loved ones.

We’re your Community Family Office™.

What Makes Us So Different?

We work for you (not a big bank or an international wirehouse).

Think of us as your personal Chief Financial Officer – we care about all of your financial concerns. Our team of experienced advisors collaborate to bring their areas of expertise to provide robust solutions, so you can feel comfortable that all of your financial needs can be met.

We’re passionate about building long-term relationships.

Tired of never hearing from your financial advisor? You can expect to hear from us on a regular basis. And since our goal is helping you get financial clarity, we like to talk clearly, not in a lot of industry lingo.

And because we’re independent, we can partner with the best custodians and broker dealers, which means you get access to traditional investments as well as specialty investment products.

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