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Weekly Market Recap: 1/18/2019

In the markets: U.S. Markets:  U.S. stocks recorded their fourth consecutive week of positive returns, continuing to build on their very strong start to 2019.  The gains pulled most of the large-cap benchmarks out of correction territory, back to within 10% of their recent highs.  However, the NASDAQ Composite and the smaller-cap benchmarks remained below […]

Weekly Market Recap: 12/28/2018

Weekly Market Recap: Week Ending 12.28.2018 In the markets: U.S. Markets:  U.S. stocks closed out the week with gains forged in another week of wild volatility.  Sharp declines in the beginning of the week pushed the large cap S&P 500 index into bear market territory (down 20% from recent highs), but were followed by sharp […]

Weekly Market Recap: 12/7/2018

Weekly Market Recap: Week Ending 12/7/2018 In the markets: U.S. Markets: U.S. stocks fell sharply this week, with the technology-heavy NASDAQ Composite and smaller-cap indexes faring the worst. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged almost 1150 points ending the week at 24,388, a decline of -4.5%. The NASDAQ Composite shed 361 points, or -4.9%, to […]

Weekly Market Recap: 11/30/2018

Weekly Market Recap: Week Ending 11/30/2018 In the markets: U.S. Markets:  The major U.S. indexes rebounded strongly this week as Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said that the federal funds rate is “just below” a neutral level (from his previous “a long way” from neutral), instantly moderating expectation of future interest rate hikes.  The comments […]

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