Perhaps this story will resonate with you:

You became an Investment Advisor to help people navigate difficult financial decisions and reach their goals.

You soon realize that the big bank or wirehouse only cares about the bottom line, and within a couple of years, the never-ending push for more clients with bigger assets begins to take its toll on you. What happened to picking up the phone and checking in with your loyal clients? You got into this business because you cared, and now you don’t have time… to care.

That is one career scenario. What follows is a more positive one…

You can serve your clients. You can spend the majority of your time taking care of their needs. And believe it or not, you can keep more of your revenue. When you join Visionary Horizons, you reap the benefits of independence without the responsibilities of running a firm, such as compliance and back office support:

  • Less overhead
  • Fewer administrative tasks
  • More resources to help you reach your goals
  • More time to do what matters

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