These are historic and unprecedented times as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This invisible foe has negatively impacted the well-being of our health and our finances. Much as you seek a physician to help with your health, perhaps you should consider speaking with one of our experts about your financial health. We have local Community Family Offices across Tennessee and Kentucky staffed with seasoned advisors who want to help you regain some confidence in the future regardless of whether you are a current client.

We are here to help. Many of our community members may not have a trusted financial resource, so we are currently waiving our financial planning and consulting fees. Please contact us today to schedule a free virtual appointment.

Wealth management for everyone
Visionary Horizons help families and businesses gain financial clarity through our specialized wealth management process. Wherever you’re at on your financial journey, we can help you navigate the road ahead.

holistic planning

We help you navigate every aspect of your personal and business finances.

active investment management

We make sure your hard-earned money is properly invested.

Proactive client communications

You deserve to hear from your advisor. We’ll make sure you do.

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