We are financial coaches and life planners. We spend a lot of time talking with our clients about more than just their asset allocation and customized stock portfolios. Our team of experts can help you answer any financial question, and we care about every area of your life.

How much should you put down on the new house? What is a sensible equity stake in the new local bakery? What data will you use for your business valuation?


Because we invest in long-term relationships, we’ll be around to help you set up a SEP or advise on corporate cash management. We can coordinate bill payments for your aging parents or help you teach your kids how to balance a checkbook.

That’s all in a day’s work at our Community Family Office™.

Financial Planning

Navigate your financial decisions with the aid of a strategic plan, one customized for your needs, life goals, and financial situation.

Is a private placement appropriate for your risk tolerance?
How much life insurance do you need?
What percentage of your income should you give to nonprofits and charities?

The plan acts as a compass for each decision. As your life changes, your plan will too. We’ll make those course corrections together.

Asset Management

One of the things we’re most proud of is our our trademarked asset allocation process.

When you combine it with extensive research and careful management, you get investment accounts that are cost-effective and tax-efficient.

Is your portfolio meeting your specific needs? Let’s have a conversation about that.

Retirement Services

You work hard to make wise financial decisions. You live within your means. You save the surplus. Yet, the process of choosing investment options can still be overwhelming.

Can we offer guidance?

Whether you’re rolling over a corporate retirement account, opening an individual one, or making the call for your company and employees, we’ll explain your options and help you make the decisions that follow your financial plan and align with your goal

Financial Review

Are you on the right track?
Are you considering life insurance?
Would you like a second opinion?

We know that picking the right financial advisor can be a daunting tasks, particularly because your money and investments are on the line. Let us prove our value by doing a comprehensive evaluation of your current portfolio.

Here’s what you’ll take away from your Visionary Horizons Investment Review:

  • Current asset allocation chart specific to your holdings;
  • Investment review analysis, which evaluates past performance, risk, security overlap, sector weighting, and cost for each of your holdings;
  • Letter outlining specific areas of concern and recommendations for fine-tuning the portfolio;
  • One-hour investment review and planning session.

Wealth Management Resources

Members of our Community Family Office™ gain access to a curated collection of resources. Instead of seeing competition, we see collaborators who bring fresh perspective. Our partners are friends and neighbors. We not only recommend these fine folks to our clients, but we also personally engage them.




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Private Equity

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  • Eric Dobson – Angel Capital Group

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