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Fine-Tune Your Taxes for 2020 and Beyond

2020-11-10T13:11:51+00:00July 7, 2020|Blog|

While the The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (aka the CARES Act) did postpone the deadline for tax filing from April 15th to July 15th, those taxes will soon become due.  For those that may be feeling the pinch from Uncle Sam, we will share 4 strategies you [...]

Does it Pay to “Sell in May?”

2020-10-10T16:24:27+00:00May 18, 2020|Blog|

It is human nature to try to make sense of the unknown. In this time of great uncertainty, it is not surprising that some investors may be tempted to try to use perceived market patterns or indicators to their advantage.  This can take the form of trying to “time the [...]

5 Ways to Manage Cabin Fever

2020-10-11T13:11:31+00:00March 19, 2020|Blog|

  During this current period of isolation and shared sacrifice, it is important to remember what we can do to avoid cabin fever and stay connected with our friends, family and community.  Below are 5 ways to avoid the cabin fever blues when they start creeping in. In the digital [...]

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