Does it Pay to “Sell in May?”

May 18, 2020|

It is human nature to try to make sense of the unknown. In this time of great uncertainty, it is not surprising that some investors may be tempted to try to use perceived market patterns [...]

5 Ways to Manage Cabin Fever

March 19, 2020|

  During this current period of isolation and shared sacrifice, it is important to remember what we can do to avoid cabin fever and stay connected with our friends, family and community.  Below are 5 [...]

The Search for Income in Retirement

November 21, 2019|

The Search for Income in Retirement November 21, 2019 Nick Hughes, CFP® I regularly hear stories from clients regarding their earlier investing experiences, particularly about the days when rates that were available on CD’s and [...]

Which Bond is Your Favorite?

August 8, 2019|

Early on in my career, I took an interest in bond investments and particularly the role that they play in a sound portfolio.  While many advisors were more interested in finding the next hot stock, [...]

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