REPLAY AVAILABLE: VH Summer 2022 Roundtable

Our experts at Visionary Horizons gather to discuss the major trends in the market, and they help sort through the noise and provide a visionary path through the volatility. Click here to watch now.

Replay Available: Estate Planning Q&A

One of the biggest decisions you will make in your estate plan is determining whom is best to serve in important roles such as executor, trustee, etc.  While it is often best to name a family member to serve, this may not always be possible or even optimal.  We recently visited with Jean Jackson of Cumberland Trust.  She shared with us some important considerations in the naming of a trustee or executor and how to best navigate pitfalls that can arise.  To watch a replay of our conversation, click the link below. Click here to watch now.

Spotlight on Health Savings Accounts

We often hear from folks that are looking to maximize their savings opportunities prior to retirement.  Perhaps you are already taking full advantage of employer retirement plan contributions, contributing all you can to IRAs and Roth IRAs (if eligible) but still have dollars you would like to stash away for the future.  A commonly overlooked and misunderstood savings vehicle is the Health Savings Account or HSA.  Continue reading as we answer some Frequently Asked Questions and debunk some HSA myths.    What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)? An HSA is a type of account that allows eligible individuals to [...]

REPLAY AVAILABLE: VH Winter 2022 Roundtable

Our experts at Visionary Horizons gather to discuss the major trends in the market, and they help sort through the noise and provide a visionary path through the volatility. Click here to watch now.

Have a Plan for Inflation

If you have filled up your gas tank or bought the family groceries it has been hard to ignore the rising prices.  This has spilled over to many consumer and household goods as well due to strong demand and continued bottlenecks in the supply of goods and labor stemming from the pandemic.  To put things in perspective, 2021 finished the year with a 7% increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI)[1] or the largest such increase since 1982.  The CPI reading is considered a standard measure of overall inflation in the United States.      Even the local real estate market [...]

Year-End Tax Planning Playbook

The end of the year is often one of the busiest times for our advisors both professionally and personally.  Additionally in 2021, we continue to monitor pending legislation that could have a major impact on our clients.  The Build Back Better Act[1] has already passed in the House and pending vote in the Senate.  While there could be additional changes before passage, there are things to take action on now while you still have time to do so. Consider the Pros and Cons of a Roth IRA Conversion As we discussed in a recent blog, converting pre-tax IRA dollars to [...]

All in a Day’s Work

Just the other day at a social gathering, I was met with a question one might ask a financial advisor.  “Where is the market headed from here?”  I gave my usual answer: “My educated guess is up, over the long-term.”  But this time it really got me thinking.  My industry does a poor job of highlighting the real work that goes on in the trenches by financial professionals every day.  The financial industry as a whole spends a lot of time and money developing market forecasts, and creating loads of investment products and research.  This can result in those that [...]

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Regardless of if you are a recent graduate, mid-career professional, approaching or in retirement I would offer the same advice for life: “Don’t get too comfortable.”  My experience has shown that the most rewarding and beneficial experiences I have been through were born from me getting out of my comfort zone.  Getting into a rut is easy (easier still if you have been working from home, or not able to travel and seek new experiences the way you would choose to.)  Getting out of one can seem close to impossible if you don’t have those that push you to learn [...]

Don’t Fall Victim to the Next Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff, who swindled thousands of investors to the tune of over $10 billion by way of his infamous Ponzi Scheme, passed away last week while serving a 150-year prison sentence. [1]  While Madoff has become known as one of history’s most notorious fraudsters, he had been well respected within the financial industry even serving as chairman of the Nasdaq exchange.  He was able to use his esteemed reputation as a financier, and leverage some common behavioral biases to fool his victims.  I will share with you some tips to avoid becoming victim to investment scams and avoid costly mistakes [...]

A Closer Look at Roth IRAs

With renewed concerns over higher future tax rates, Roth IRAs are being given a closer look by many investors.  As the tax code can be a landmine to navigate, there are a number of traps to avoid with regards to Roth IRAs.  We take a closer look at some strategies to get additional funds into a Roth IRA even if you are retired or believe your income is too high as well as the considerations you should make to maximize your tax-free growth potential. Would you rather pay taxes on the seeds or the harvest? Perhaps the single biggest decision [...]

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