Adoption: How 3 Families Overcame the Financial Obstacles

  // Adoption: How 3 Families Overcame the Financial Obstacles // By: Taylor Haney If you’ve clicked on this article, I hope it’s because I’ve piqued your interest.  It’s not often that financial planning firms write about real life stuff.  Well, we hope to change that.  If you are a client of Visionary Horizons, or have kept up with our social media, you are probably aware of our Community Family Event in October.  If you’re not in-the-know, check out our Facebook page or look at our Events calendar on the website to learn more about the event.  We hope to [...]

What Does “Community Family Office” Mean?

//What does "Community Family Office" mean?// Author: Roger Kiger Word on the street is that large brokerage firms and banks are now moving accounts less than $100,000 to a call center and not allowing local advisors to handle them.  Does it make sense that investors and savers who are just starting their professional careers cannot call someone for advice, when they really need it the most? Ironically, most high net worth individuals had to start somewhere with little money or assets. As a Community Family Office™, we are willing to put in the effort to help educate people who are [...]

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