Stock Market Volatility Got You Down?

  // Stock Market Volatility Got You Down? // By: Taylor Haney   To say 2018 has been a bit of a ride, would be an understatement.  I started this business in 2008.  This year’s market swings have been very similar to the ones I experienced in my first year in the business.  Volatility is an interesting phenomenon.  Although we expect it and it’s a normal byproduct of investing, it still leaves many investors feeling uneasy. For many people, change can cause anxiety.  This can be change that is either good or bad.  For example: you could have just landed [...]

401(k): Should You Be In A Target Date Fund?

  // 401(k): Should You Be In A Target Date Fund? // By: Taylor Haney   If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you’re invested in a Target Date Fund (TDF) in your 401(k) at work. TDFs have become the “go-to” Qualified Default Investment Alternative for the majority of workplace retirement plans. But, is this the best option for you? What is a Target Date Fund? A Target Date Fund is a mutual fund or collective trust fund commonly available for retirement accounts that aims to provide a diverse asset allocation that becomes more conservative over time. The [...]

Visionary Horizons – 2018 Insights

January 2018 - Insights 2017 was a great year for the stock market. The S&P gained about 19% while the Dow Jones Industrial Average was even higher. It’s not very often the stock market has a positive gain in every month of the year. The bond market finally saw some price drops due to several increases in the interest rate throughout the year. The passing of sweeping tax changes gave the markets a big boost towards the end of 2017 and will likely continue to do so throughout 2018. 2018 seems to have started off similarly to 2017. The momentum [...]

Tax Reform and Financial Planning

// Tax Reform and Financial Planning// By: Visionary Horizons Team 1/25/18 Editor's Note: the end of the blog post indicated that CPAs would be presenting at our Tax Forum.  This is no longer the case.  Tax professionals will be attending the forum for ancillary questions.  The Tax Forum will be presented by Visionary Horizons advisors. By now, you’ve heard about the sweeping tax legislation that has been signed into law.  If you’ve spent any time on social media, or online, then you know there are varying opinions across the board.  This piece is not meant to discuss the merits of [...]

401k: Don’t Know What To Buy? Let Us Help

//401k: Don't Know What To Buy? Let Us Help// Author: Taylor Haney Many financial advisors do not help their clients with their company retirement plan. Burdensome compliance and the inability to keep up with plan investment options prevents most advisors from giving their clients advice on one of their most important assets. Visionary Horizons aims to manage all aspects of a client's financial interests. With this in mind, we have contracted Q3 Advisors to provide our clients with access to Active401k™. Are you confused about which investments options you should select in your 401(k)?  Worried you can’t get help from your [...]

Financial Advice Isn’t Just For The Wealthy

// Financial Advice Isn’t Just for the Wealthy // By: Taylor Haney Have you seen that commercial with people walking around with large numbers floating over their heads? You know, the “retirement number” commercial? I know many of you see these numbers and read about the millions of dollars you need for retirement, but the reality is: it’s not reality for most people. In fact, you may think that if you aren’t making $250,000 a year and don’t have at least $1,000,000 of investable assets that you don’t qualify or need financial advice. This is exactly the message larger firms [...]

You’re Retired? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

// You’re Retired? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes // By: Taylor Haney   In my nearly 10 years in the investment and financial planning industry, I’ve seen my fair share of retirement mistakes.  We’re all aware of the mistakes people make when planning for retirement – not saving enough, missing your employer match, bad investment timing of markets – but, what about those made in retirement?   Having recently talked someone off the cliff, I thought it might be nice to share and reflect on a few mistakes or decisions that I see time and time again.  Here are the [...]

Robo Advisors: Whose Hand Are You Shaking?

// Robo Advisors: Whose Hand Are You Shaking? // Author: Taylor Haney   I wouldn’t consider myself tech-savvy by any stretch of the imagination, but compared to my fellow advisors, I’d say I have somewhat of an edge. I’ve been fortunate enough to have relationships with three technology solutions in the wealth management space – specific to investment advice, administration, and compliance. Our industry has been ripe for innovation for years, and the latest technology and regulations have made keeping up with market trends all but inevitable for a successful business model. “Robo can be a great technology model, but [...]

Equifax: Next Steps

Dear VH friends and family, we wanted to follow up with some further information regarding the Equifax breach. We’ve received many calls and messages about the Equifax cybersecurity issue. Many folks have gone to the website and signed up for their free identity theft program. This is important to begin the process, but this is only the first step. When you signed up initially, you received an enrollment date. After that date, you need to go back to their website or go to the original site and “continue enrollment”. On this site, they will ask for your name, [...]

Thoughts on the Equifax Hack

// Thoughts on the Equifax Hack // Author: Roger Kiger   On July 29th, Equifax determined they had been hacked. Their internal investigation found no evidence of unauthorized activity on their core credit reporting database. But it may be years before the full extent of the incident is known. Therefore, they are offering identity theft protection and credit file monitoring at no cost. Please go to their website at If you click on “Potential Impact”, there will be a button to “check potential impact”. Once you do this, it will ask for your last name and the last 6 [...]

What You Should Do vs What You Will Do

// What You Should Do vs What You Will Do // Author: Taylor Haney Photo: Pablo Garcia Saldana via Unsplash   Have you ever received advice that’s practical, but not applicable–either by choice, habit or desire? I’ve received a lot of advice in my life. Some good. Some bad. And, some that felt like it wasn’t for me, but for the person giving it. Sometimes, we seek another’s counsel for affirmation. But, mostly, we are seeking advice or counsel on matters that we lack knowledge or discernment.   I am an investment advisor and financial planner by trade. But, honestly, [...]

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