Maybe You Need A Break…Or Just A Little Rest

//Maybe You Need a Break…Or Just a Little Rest// Author: Taylor Haney As I sit here this morning, knocking out a few tasks before our Monday Morning Meeting, I can’t help but think I’m not the only one who may need a break…or maybe just a little rest.   I’m currently on a 20 plus week exercise binge with no real recovery.  I completed two Spartan races and spent hundreds of hours in the gym during that time.  I know, recovery is key.  But, I’m not always tired and there is so many areas of my fitness where I can [...]

What It Means to Be Thankful

  // What It Means to Be Thankful // By: Taylor Haney   I recently got back from vacation in Indian Rocks Beach with my family. While on vacation, I experienced several moments of wonder and gratitude. One such moment was when I was wading in the ocean between a few islands adorned with mangrove trees while my wife gently rocked in our kayak a few feet away. I remember watching the sun glisten off the surface of the water, schooling fish jumping out of the water, and my lovely wife look up every so often from her kindle (smart [...]

But Did You Earn It?

// But Did You Earn It? // Author: Taylor Haney A few weeks ago, my eldest son was up for promotion at his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school.  For those of you who aren’t in the know, promotions in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) take a long time.  Quick example: it took both of my sons about 9 months to earn their first stripe on their while belts.  In some programs, they’d be a few months from a black belt.  Before promotions started, our professor came up to me and told me that Jackson had asked to be demoted.  We both agreed [...]

Ripped Pants and A Sweaty Back

// Ripped Pants and A Sweaty Back // By: Taylor Haney     What I’m about to tell you is a true story.  For some of you, this would be a nightmare; for others, another day on the streets (or in your office). Disclaimer: For those of you who work like this every day, I commend and respect your efforts. A few years ago, before I left my old job, I took a few interviews (this was right before I decided to open my own firm).  A friend of mine and gym partner had been trying to convince me for years to [...]

You Want Experiences? Pay Your Dues

//You Want Experiences? Pay Your Dues.// Author: Taylor Haney   I recently wrote a blog about Xennials and Millenials.  I didn’t mention any specifics as to why this generation is often misunderstood or overlooked, but there are reasons.  For the sake of brevity, I’d like to discuss one of them: experience. In a high-paced society propelled by ever changing and advancing technology, it’s easy to see why younger people aren’t willing to wait.  Life has become increasingly fleeting.  It’s hard to become content when you are always focusing on what’s next – new car, new house, new vacation, new selfie [...]

Let’s Talk About Xennials

// Let’s Talk About Xennials // Author: Taylor Haney Much ado has been made about Millenials.  Some good, some bad.  Ok, mostly bad. Wait, I thought this article was about Xennials? It is.  Let me get there.  As I was saying, Millenials seem to get all the attention these days. I’d argue it’s mostly unwarranted and unwanted.  Generally speaking, this particular generation – born 1977-1993 depending on who you ask - gets a bad rep. Xennials: those born 1977-1983 It’s up for debate for who coined this term, but the meaning is important, I believe.  In summary, Xennials experienced an [...]

Kids Cost What? (The Real Cost of Raising a Child)

Photo Credit: Luhaney Photography // Kids Cost What? (The Real Cost of Raising a Child) // Author: Taylor Haney    I have three children at home–need I say more? Thank goodness for Megan. My wife is a full-time caregiver, life giver. She manages our home. I manage our finances. Her job is way more difficult. While I’m at work interacting with business owners, peers, clients, she’s at home in drawn out negotiations with our five-year old son on how much lunch he needs to eat to warrant 30 minutes of tablet time to play Minecraft, potty training our two-year old, [...]

Listen to Learn > Listen to Respond

Listen to Learn > Listen to Respond  Author: Mike Simpson Photo Credit: Jonathan Simcoe via Unsplash     When I first started my career some thirty year ago I knew nothing and knew nobody.  Pardon the grammar, but it’s the truth.  That didn’t stop me, though.  I had energy and a desire to learn!  Here’s the thing about learning, though: the more you learn, the less the you realize you know!   I didn’t always believe that, however. There was a point in my career that I believed I knew it all.  Let me explain.  I could talk [...]

How Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Made Me a Better Businessman

// How Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Made Me a Better Businessman // Author: Taylor Haney I’m a glutton for punishment.  It’s no secret.  I regularly weight train and grapple with scary men 3-5 days a week…by choice.  A little over three years ago I left the corporate world to pursue my own business; at that same time, my wife quit her teaching job and we decided to have a third child.  Like I said – glutton. Challenges seem to be something I run to, not away from.  Like the old saying goes “nothing worth doing is easy”. A little over two years [...]

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