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During difficult times, are you collaborating with your coworkers to find the right answers?

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We are a small but selective group of professional, successful, intelligent, and experienced colleagues who genuinely want to share their knowledge and experience with each other so that we all succeed.

Each of our advisors manage their clients’ needs from their unique perspectives and styles, yet they frequently seek the guidance and suggestions of their peers. This guidance could revolve around particular portfolio holdings for a specific client’s needs, or guidance in areas where their knowledge might not be as deep as that of another teammate such as Social Security, starting a pension plan for their own small business, etc.

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About Visionary Horizons

Since its origin in 2009, Visionary Horizons has always been about creating a company of like-minded advisors who want to create, grow, and maintain their own business without being forced to understand and perfect the entrepreneurial aspects of working in their business.

Our team meets weekly to discuss the current events of Visionary Horizons, and it is on this recurring virtual meeting where we conduct monthly an Investment Committee meeting and a VH Academy training session on new technology and functionality.  We also conduct periodic compliance training, and we frequently discuss new ideas being tested in their businesses that might be beneficial to try in yours.

Talk to us about becoming part of our Community Family Office.

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