Dear VH friends and family, we wanted to follow up with some further information regarding the Equifax breach.

We’ve received many calls and messages about the Equifax cybersecurity issue. Many folks have gone to the website and signed up for their free identity theft program. This is important to begin the process, but this is only the first step.

When you signed up initially, you received an enrollment date. After that date, you need to go back to their website or go to the original site and “continue enrollment”. On this site, they will ask for your name, date of birth, and social security information. You will not be enrolled unless you enter this information. At this point, the Equifax site says they will soon send you email confirmation of your enrollment.

IMPORTANT: beware of any emails asking for your social security number. If you receive any emails with links that ask for this information, do NOT open these links and enter your information. Only go to the Equifax website if they acknowledge your information has been compromised and have sent you an email. You can enter your information directly on their website (listed above), but never on a link sent to you by email unless you can verify this came from Equifax.

If you would like an added level of credit security, you can “freeze” your credit. More information is available from the Federal Trade Commission at their website:

Freezing your account will put a block on obtaining credit. You can temporarily unlock the freeze, but it can take several business days to do so – on each credit reporting bureau. In most states, there is a cost of up to $30 to freeze your credit.

Additionally, there are other security monitoring services available. Here are two services that receive high ratings from consumer advocacy groups:
1) LifeLock Ultimate Plus
2) IdentityForce UltraSecure+Credit

We will forward further information as it becomes available.