Plan Sponsors

Offering a great retirement plan shouldn’t be difficult. But, often times it is.  Historically, plan sponsors have been at the mercy of service providers and convoluted fee schedules.

Today, you can offer a retirement plan that is both easy to understand and cost effective.  Let us help you and your employees save for retirement with confidence.

Plan Design

From third party administrators to record keepers, the list of service providers is vast.  We will help you construct a retirement plan for your employees that is cost effective and efficient.

With new regulations pouring into the industry, many plans will not meet the new fiduciary standards.  Are you signing your Form 5500, signing off on employee loans, or receiving advice from non-fiduciary advisors?

It’s important that you understand the fiduciary liabilities involved with offering a retirement plan to your employees.  Upon review of your business and employee base, we can help construct the right plan to help alleviate some of your fiduciary responsibilities.  As a plan sponsor, you cannot relinquish all of your fiduciary responsibility, but you can delegate certain tasks to qualified professionals.

Technology partners and a competitive marketplace have caused the cost to provide a great plan to come down considerably.  It is often said that cost and diversification are the keys to successful investing.  Many plans in the marketplace have hidden fees and investment menus that benefit the service providers and financial advisors.  Having a fiduciary find you transparent service providers and construct a diversified investment menu will go a long way in helping your employees reach their retirement goals.

Investment Management

As a Limited Scope 3(21) Fiduciary, we will help you develop an investment menu that meets the objectives of your Investment Policy Statement.  Not familiar with an Investment Policy Statement?

Your company’s Investment Policy Statement spells out the objectives of your plan.  We will help you write a policy that gives your employees confidence that the investment menu helps them reach their retirement goals.

When constructing a menu, it’s important to understand what your goals are.  Don’t know your goals?  We can help you identify them.  Generally speaking, the cost, liquidity, and diversification within the menu is important.  When it comes to investments, you should provide a way for employees to do it themselves, get help doing it, or a means to do it for them.

Our menu suggestion to you will cover all three bases.  In fact, we will also have a Qualified Default Investment Alternative for those who fail to select investments.

*Visionary Horizons currently has a few plans that we do not operate as the 3(21) Limited Scope Fiduciary; however, it is our goal to provide advice to plan sponsors that best suits the needs of their company, at the same level of care we handle all of our clients with.  If and when these current plans find it in their best interest to utilize us in a formal fiduciary capacity, we will advise accordingly.  As technology advances and ERISA standards evolve, we will educate our clients on what is available to them in the marketplace and suggest changes or enhancements.