//What does “Community Family Office” mean?//

Author: Roger Kiger

Word on the street is that large brokerage firms and banks are now moving accounts less than $100,000 to a call center and not allowing local advisors to handle them.  Does it make sense that investors and savers who are just starting their professional careers cannot call someone for advice, when they really need it the most?

Ironically, most high net worth individuals had to start somewhere with little money or assets.

As a Community Family Office, we are willing to put in the effort to help educate people who are just getting started with their investments and planning, unlike the big firms.  And, we’ll stick by them at every stage of their life, from building wealth and retirement planning to helping them plan their final estate.

In an effort to expand our reach to help those with all of their assets being held in corporate sponsored retirement plans, we’ve partnered with Q3 Advisors to help people manage their 401k, 403b, or 457 accounts.  Why do we do this?  Because retirement assets can grow to become a majority of many individual’s assets, and they need low cost advice for the full length of their career.  With our technology partnership with Q3, we can do this for less than a robo model and customize the recommendations quarterly while providing financial planning.  We’ll even provide a quarterly email to recommend changes to their investment allocation within their plan.  More to come on our Q3 relationship in the near future.

As a Community Family Office, we are committed to helping our clients build wealth at every stage of life.  We’ll work with our clients’ 401k accounts and create a financial plan specific to their situation, regardless of asset level.

If we really are a Community Family Office™, then we have to be willing to serve those who need our services regardless of asset level.

Community stewardship is vital to growing and maintaining a successful practice.  Our advisors and administrators actively participate in charity/fundraising events and volunteer work in the communities they serve.  Visionary Horizons operates Community Family Offices in four locations to better assist its advisors and their clients through dynamic wealth management services.